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Robert Oxley Portrait

Robert Oxley

“Front-end is my jam, baby.”

For the past few years, Robert has been at TireRack.com working to bring the best online tire buying experience possible to consumers around the world.


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email robert.at.oxley@gmail.com

Work Samples


Building a Beautiful User Experience One Feature at a Time

Working at Tire Rack has provided a broad range of opportunities to build features for a very diverse group of users. With both retail and business-to-business features being built and improved daily, each project has brought new and interesting design challenges. Each has a different set of user goals to keep in mind, and different workflows which help accomplish them. From new ways to view and compare products to saving favorite individual items or sets, each feature brings unique problems to consider. With the retail site having just undergone a total redesign, each feature has been evaluated and reimagined to reach a broader audience.

In addition to the various user goals to consider, the work spans a broad range of aesthetics to accomplish this. In order to maintain the strength and quality of numerous different brands, each project is closely reviewed and informed by the numerous tire and auto manufacturing partners. This brings the opportunity to work within many diverse branding guidelines and create new features and products for each one.


Creating Content for Every Inbox

Email brings with it very unique and interesting challenges. Not only is there the importance of tailoring content which will fit and be relevant to each recipient, but also the content must be designed in a way that it looks good and engages users across the entire spectrum of email clients. While not easy, this provides the opportunity to come up with creative solutions that suit both the users interests as well as their technological requirements no matter if they are viewing on desktop or mobile.

Whether it is a wholesale newsletter or a retail Father’s Day email, each campaign must appeal to a different audience. With the recent retail site redesign, every retail email campaign has been redesigned to better fit the needs of the users. Dynamic content which accommodates the interests and past selections of the users has been reimagined along with a fresh new look to bring life to each campaign.


Promotions and Programs for Everyone

Part of being successful is letting people know all the great things that are available. There are always new promotional campaigns and incentive programs running for both retail and wholesale customers. Alongside that, there are also advertisements running to inform users of the different features and content offered on the site. Each of these advertising campaigns requires careful thought and planning to reach its audience. The promotional campaigns also require combining Tire Rack branding with manufacturing partners’ branding in a way that compliments both.